Calibrate - 03/07/2009

Now the hardware seems to work , excluding the RF side.

So what do you think ? Been tough ne .... yeah !

Now for the Calibration , this is going to be fun , I THINK  ;-) but now I'm on hold , My Laptop  was send in for minor repairs !!

Okay I'm Back ...sort off .... Cracks in Screen fixed BUT somehow hard drive was damage in transit !! Bliksem !!! << Afrikaans for being cross ,a soft swear word ;)

So I had to do everything again , XP (hate Vista) and then Ubuntu dual boot ... So Hopefully this coming weekend I can work on PPRZ again ... While Laptop was gone and I did not work on PPRZ, I started a LongEZ build , all depron , what a cute looking plane , got the plan in the RCM magazine ... So now for a while PPRZ will be a little less important...
I'm getting a ID144 error when two XBEE are supose to talk to each other ...

Want to Learn more about Linux --- Check out SCLUG --- South Coast Linux User Group 

THIS HAS GRINDED TO HALT , Why ? happened ......I just do not have time to go on with this is all nicely put away .....

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