Fly Away - Hein’s Farm

posted 7 Mar 2013, 00:10 by Evert Bez   [ updated 7 Mar 2013, 00:13 ]
We had a wonderful weekend on Hein’s Farm. Weather was excellent and scenery exquisite

We had our members from Durban joining us; Dean, Malcolm, Derek and Dave. Our local members Dennis, Kevin,

Marius, Neil, Mike and our members from Kokstad, Pierre, James, Wayne, Lionel, Herbert and Chris had a good time.

There were planes for Africa, from small to large scale. Cars were packed with no space left.

Unfortunately it was a sad weekend with 11 crashes. Luckily nobody was injured, but our hearts were sore, especially when Malcolm lost his extra 300 and Pilatus

Dean's Denkit Extra 300

Malcolm's Extra ...Sad to See ... Dennis also wrote off his big stick and the next morning  his stick on floats.

Malcolm’s Pilatus was beautiful and gracious in the air.

Herbert’s Fieler Storch, immaculately build,  flew for the first time Saturday. Was a bit underpowered and with a different propeller it flew like a dream on Sunday.

Derek's Tiger Moth ..

We had good socials on Friday and Saturday nights with lots of laughs.


Thanks for those that did join us and we are definitely going to make this a annual outing in summer!

Flying regards



Kitty Steenmans