Written by Erick Truter
Please note : SCARF had no representetive attending.

THIS PAGE is from Shongweni Model Flying Club

 Leon opened the meeting by welcoming all present and stating that at the first SAMAA Regional Meeting there was representation by 5 different KZN model flying clubs.

The minutes of the previous meeting held on 12 March 2008 were accepted and various matters arising from those minutes were then addressed.

Review of Minutes

The purpose of the regional meetings is for SAMAA to understand what its members expect of them and for the members to report back on whether or not SAMAA was achieving its objectives.  SAMAA are hoping that at least 25% of its membership becomes active in the selection of its committee and thus for the gap between SAMAA members and the SAMAA committee to be narrowed.

Leon mentioned that Tony Stockwell had resigned from the SAMAA main committee and that he had been approached as a candidate for the position left vacant by Tony but had declined.  This position has not yet been filled by anyone to date.

Dirk Meyer’s job at SAMAA was one of administration and not that of KZN representative.  The KZN regional committee is, in fact, the KZN representatives.  Leon mentioned that he had a copy of the SAMAA organization structure and should any member wish to have a copy, for them to contact Leon in this regard. 

The issue of certification cards has been a very slow process in the past and the meeting was advised that Dirk was addressing this problem and the system was much improved.

Arising out of the last meeting, it was suggested that a list of the active KZN clubs and paid up SAMAA members be taken from the SAMAA website, however, this proved not to be possible because of restrictions on the SAMAA website.  The only way to get a list of all the members will be to contact the KZN club chairmen for information on their SAMAA members.  It was mentioned that a number of clubs no longer existed, such as Karkloof and the Plane Game flying field.  Leon asked anyone with any information on any of the KZN clubs, such as the chairman’s name, telephone numbers, etc, to let him have this information so that these clubs could be contacted with a view to becoming involved in the SAMAA regional meetings.  All KZN clubs, including clubs for electric models only, should be registered with SAMAA.*** 

It was also suggested that the Provincial SIG representatives be contacted and invited to attend the SAMAA regional meetings.***

 The question of noise was raised at the previous meeting and the meeting was advised the SAMAA’s specification for noise was a reading of 96 decibels at 3 metres on the “A” scale.  Noise was a problem with housing encroaching on airfields and the trend all over the world is changing to electric aircraft.  Clubs are individually responsible for controlling noise levels that could harmfully impact on the future.

 On the subject of the SAMAA rules book, Leon pointed out that this could be accessed through the SAMAA site on the Internet.  As it was thought to be vital that every SAMAA member read the rules, a suggestion was made that in order to activate one’s SAMAA membership, one had to read the rule book on the Internet prior to that member’s membership becoming active.  Another suggested was that a pamphlet containing the important rules could be posted out with the SAMAA renewal cards.***

 Leon mentioned that a regional transformation representative would be entitled to R1500 per month plus expenses in the promotion of aviation and model flying to disadvantaged groups, but pointed out that claims would need to be made to SAMAA for expenses.  Likely candidates would need to be identified.  (One member identified the guy who flies inside Liberty Mall in Pietermaritzburg as a possible candidate.)  This person would need transport and agree a monthly activity program with the SAMAA transformation section.***

 Matters Arising:

 It was mentioned that SAMAA now have a helicopter proficiency programme in place, however, there was a shortage of helicopter pilots are capable of becoming instructors.  This programme would be introduced at SMFC and likely instructors identified and it was suggested that this should be introduced at all clubs.  SAMAA would send someone down to KZN to certify helicopter pilots.***

 All club instructors should also be made known to SAMAA.  It was mentioned that members from different KZN clubs should be welcome to visit other clubs to gain access to instructors for certification.***

 There was an SAMAA Insurance Sub-Committee in place and minutes of these meetings can be obtained from Leon.  It is believed that there are idealistic rules in place and it is believed that SAMAA should not have an elaborate set of rules that could become prohibitive in the case of a claim.  It was felt that there should be more feedback from SAMAA on insurance issues for the sake of comfort, and the members should have access to the claims history in Natal. ***

 On the subject of frequency interference, the problem with the 4X4 club seems to have been resolved.  SAMAA would be requested to maintain regular contact with ICASA on the issue of frequency allocations.***

 It was also pointed out that cellphones may also interfere with the memory of radio control transmitters, so should be switched off at the airfield.  

 Leon mentioned that SAMAA issue a regular newsletter and would be more than happy to publish any legitimate letters or articles which the membership would like to share with other SAMAA members.

 SAMAA would be dropping the grandfather clause at the end of July, so clubs are requested to get those pilots in their clubs who have been flying for years without certification certified as soon as possible.  After July it would be necessary for all pilots to do the proficiency tests.

 There being no other matters, the meeting was closed.