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Slow Going on HeiST

posted 12 Sep 2013, 01:48 by Evert Bez   [ updated 25 Sep 2013, 01:31 ]
Things have been going slowly on HeiST ...

I fixed the wiring mistakes on the ESC's and now its time to start testing motor rotation ...Also soldered on 6pin Arduino Jumper Cables Sensor that I got from Ebay ( Search for 6pin Arduino Jumper Cables) .

EDIT : 13/09/2013 - Yeah All ESC's and motors work ! Got throttle low and highs set on all six , got motor rotation set on all six to solder them up and do balancing of the motors ..

Reference INPUTS and OUTPUTS for APM2.5 - I often do reference back to my own stuff to see what I did , so it's easier to just put things here than to go look for it again ... So , this image from 3DR Website
APM 2.5 Hexa ST800
Bottom plate of Heist - ST800

What you seeing at the top of this plate is a
Turnigy 3-in-1 Heli 5A UBEC & Low Voltage Alarm (3~6S) bought from HobbyKing , this thing is amazing ... those flashing lights are BRIGHT !

Note the Flasher on the Landing leg , Pointing backwards ...There is also a flasher on the board itself , but not sure I will see it since the Battery tray must still be placed ..

The Turnigy 3-in-1 Heli UBEC is a great choice for your favorite R/C helicopter. Providing 5A continuous (up to 7.5A max) output power to your electronics, an audible/visual low voltage alarm and an in-built LED power display, this UBEC is an all-in-one solution to your heli's power needs!

The on-board LEDs give you a power gauge indicating the charge condition of your input battery, while the removable super bright white LED can indicate when you have reached a low voltage condition.

Input Voltage: 3S/4S/6S lipoly (11.1V/14.8V/22.2V)
UBEC Output: 5V/6V 5A (7.5A max)
Low Voltage Alarm: 3.3V or 3.5V per cell
Dimensions: 60x26x13mm
Weight: 28g

The APM wil get it's power from here .Edit: 13/09/2013 grrr The Heli Bec output 5.38V , NO ! so now I must swap smaller Ubec (5.27V which is better for the Input on the APM ) to drive APM and the Heli one to drive ESC's ... oh I'm not done here yet , some sharp edges of the carbon there , wires need protection ...still thinking about the how  , for now leaning towards fuel piping ...will see .

The UBEC at the bottom is the Turnigy 5A one I bought from DenKit  (SITE SPONSER)


Hopefully this will work powering the ESC's Opto Part ... I hope , guess we will see soon enough ...

The white wires in case you wondering are the LED wires ... they will be wired up quite a bit later ..

Test fitting APM on ST800

Here's the APM and Receiver being test fitted to see where Wires must go ...

Things are moving ahead ... I'm not one of those build it in a Day types ... so yeah ...SLOWLY moving forward ...

RE HobbyLord - Impress  (Edit : 25/0922013 - not so anymore ! for a extra battery plate and hangers they want to charge me $63 dollars for shipping !! For items that can fit in a Envelope ! so ! beware the shipping cost from them ! Caveat emptor )