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AttoPilot 180A

posted 3 Sep 2013, 22:42 by Evert Bez
The standard power module for APM 2.5/6 wont work , It's only rated for 90A and if then that’s a maybe ... , so in the ST800 you can not use that , so for current and voltage sensor you have to use the Attopilot 180A . Mine I got from Sparkfun , quick Shipping.

AttoPilot SparkFun - ST800

Attopilot Soldered up , Ready for Wires ... See the Writing at the bottom , Negetave at the top and positive will be the two cut out areas.

Current flow left to right , thus Battery will be coming from the 50V Text side ..

AttoPilot SparkFun Wires - ST800

I split the Silicone wire strands in two . this will help with the soldering ...

AttoPilot 180 A Sparkfun - ST800

Soldered up , now looking at these pictures ....mmmm is that a wire bridging between the + and -  , grrrr , must go back tonight and look !

Maybe to much in a hurry last night .

AttoPilot 180a SparkFun - ST800

NO ! Another one ! What was I Doing ? That Negative wire/s got problems , well ..gotta fix !

Anyway , this is the Attopilot 180A in , I though I did a neat job , just goes to show ..

Next up Arms and ESC 's