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DYS 3Axis Gimbal and BGC 2 Controller

posted 15 Jan 2014, 02:18 by Evert Bez   [ updated 15 Jan 2014, 02:41 ]

Well it has been sometime since I updated here ... In the mean time ,  all kinds of successful tests was done and HeiST is officially a working Hex Copter ...

HeiST Aerial Photography - HighUP
Image - Just playing around with my camera , trying different effects ...

She can do way points , loiter ( very , very good at this !)  , altitude hold , land herself and do return to launch ... AND FPV (First Person View) , basically looking through Fatshark goggles , using on board camera to get the view as seen by the copter , Very much still novice in this ...but truly a unique experience ...nearly fell backward when I looked up at one stage ... So now I'm sitting down when doing FPV !

HeiST Posturize - Aerial Photography - HighUP
Image above you can see The DYS 3Axis Gimbal , can handle Sony Nex or similar , The "similar" camera in this case is a Canon SX220 with CHDK...

Still waiting for 3 rd expansion board for 3rd axis. Rubber sponge at the top motor keeps it from moving around for now... Also notice FPV Camera at the top ...this track you head movement ...thus look left , camera moves left , look down , camera goes down ...

HeiST Airial Photography - HighUP
Image - Again just playing around with Camera on my Note II

If you wonder about the thing on the cover ...The Hex is called a ST800 - Bumblebee ...thus a Bumblebee bee was placed on the cover ...  ;-) Maybe I should take that off , HeiST is becoming a heavy girl !

Maiden ! ST800 BumbleBee - HeiST

posted 25 Sep 2013, 01:06 by Evert Bez   [ updated 25 Sep 2013, 01:20 ]

So yesterday I did it ! I maiden'ed HeiST ...

What a stable copter ...In stabilize and standard PID's from APM 3.1 RC1 ...

I had a little bit of wind , not bad ...would estimate between 5 and 10Km at times ...

Here's the second flight ...trimmed and almost perfect !

Size Comparision

posted 23 Sep 2013, 00:02 by Evert Bez

HeiST Alive !

posted 19 Sep 2013, 04:57 by Evert Bez

Well now ...first start up yesterday , All working ... YEAH !

HeiST Alive - ST800 BumbleBee

APM loaded with beta 3.1 RC1 .

How's that GPS !! , Getting Satellites indoor ! 4 of them . Still not upgraded to 1.9 ...will do still.

And yes , The GoodluckBuy Telemetry units work !  Just had to change transmission strength but nothing else ...

I love the way the propellers now spin up with the new firmware when arming now know its armed. Just testing with 3Cell 5000mAh ...

WOW!  on SimonK flashed ESC , Response is immediate ...saying that , warning to self that throttle when armed and props are spinning slowly, just a little movement and the rpm speed goes up , quickly !!

Measured Prop to prop end ...1200mm That's 1.2 meters !!

HeiST ST800 Bumblebee hexa copter

Did I mention ? Balancing these motors ...UGGGH , what a difficult thing to do ...a pain in the proverbial backside !!

None the less on the Vibrometer (Android App) I got between 1 and 3 on all ..adding balanced props was another issue !

It look like some props was balanced already with rough backs as if someone had sanded them down a bit ... and yes they where close to almost perfect . Just here and there a bit more work was needed.

But oh my word , adding them on the motors produce huge amounts of vibration !  I notice that if you rotate the props using the different mounting holes it was possible to actually get less vibration ..NOT GOOD or PERFECT but okay ...

So now I hope anti vibration mounting will do its thing ...sigh..

White wires you see on picture are now soldered up on to short LED strips (3 only Leds) and are ready to be connected to Step down regulator (as soon as it arrives) 22v to 12V.s and a reciever controlled on off switch (Turnigy Switch)

CANT FLY ! Awaiting charger for 6 Cells iCharger 308DUO (2*8S 30A 1300W) Dual Port

Status LED's , GPS and Telemetry Mounted

posted 17 Sep 2013, 03:39 by Evert Bez   [ updated 17 Sep 2013, 03:44 ]

aarrghh , I jumped the gun here a bit , I must still do firmware updates on GPS and setup the 433Mhz Telemetry units .. So will probably have to take them off again , GPS definitely and maybe radio ...
ST800 back with Status LEDs , GPS and Telemetry

GPS mounted but I still have to upgrade Firmware , I got this unit in March 2013 so ... update I must .

HERE is a thread on how and why ...

Firmware need to go to Version 1.9.

Link to Firmware (Download 4.5Mb)

It was quite some decision making on where to put APM status LED's , obviously need since the APM will be covered by the canopy. I have done this before on HighUP , check out this page

Do I put it on the end of the arms , nope , no real place to protect them and they will stand out quite a bit , so no ..., what about the two 12mm tubes holding battery tray ? mmmm Nice Idea , but then must drill a hole through pipe for wiring , what about the strength of pipe there after ? no I decided between the arm retaining things ... This also gave me a short distance for the wires which is preferred anyway , and should still be able to see from behind ...decisions decisions ..

ST800 Bumble bee APM Status LED

Must still also Update the PPM on the APM ( hee hee , got to love abbreviations)

Roughly 80% Done ...

posted 16 Sep 2013, 04:18 by Evert Bez   [ updated 16 Sep 2013, 04:37 ]

Almost there , most cables in and right , Swapped UBEC's  around , the Heli one now power the Opto ESC's and the smaller UBEC give 5.27V to the APM , that should be good for the INPUT .
ST800 BumbleBee

ST800 Bumblebee 3DR RangeVideo

APM mounted on top of Range Video Vibration Mount , Got Sticky Foil Underneath the mount and then EarBuds to mount Range Video onto another plate that got some more sticky Foil underneath that , mounted on Silicone dampeners , a bit hard ..., Roughly a Inch (31 mm) from top deck plate.

This JUST fit in under the canopy ...

Also FR SKY D8R mounted with 40CM antennas . Running one antenna down the Landing gear and the other on to arm number two .. Should get good diversity ..

Turnigy UBEC 5A ST800 BumbleBee

The Turnigy UBEC 5A was moved from the bottom plate to the top , I tried to move it as far as possible away from the APM ...

Here's a better view of the Silicone Dampners with Earbuds and Range Video Anti Vibration mount.

GPS mount ST800 Bumblebee

So I was on the verge of buying a GPS mount for HeiST when I stumbled accross a picture of parts  of one of these mounts ... HEY ! I can make that !

So I did ! In the Picture below the mount , made from pieces of stuff I had lying around ...

I did in the meantime made it shorter and also mounted the MediaTek GPS on standoff's (no picture)  .. Should work , with the Plastic mounts that I believe should sheer off incase copter thinks it's cool to land on its head ... thus protecting GPS a bit ...

Still to do ....

Balance Motors ...
Balance Props ...
Mount Telemetry ...
Setup Status LED's ... and think if I want a beeper , no use really with new firmware that does a spins of props when arming ...
Do LED strips ...

Start setting up APM ...

Slow Going on HeiST

posted 12 Sep 2013, 01:48 by Evert Bez   [ updated 25 Sep 2013, 01:31 ]

Things have been going slowly on HeiST ...

I fixed the wiring mistakes on the ESC's and now its time to start testing motor rotation ...Also soldered on 6pin Arduino Jumper Cables Sensor that I got from Ebay ( Search for 6pin Arduino Jumper Cables) .

EDIT : 13/09/2013 - Yeah All ESC's and motors work ! Got throttle low and highs set on all six , got motor rotation set on all six to solder them up and do balancing of the motors ..

Reference INPUTS and OUTPUTS for APM2.5 - I often do reference back to my own stuff to see what I did , so it's easier to just put things here than to go look for it again ... So , this image from 3DR Website
APM 2.5 Hexa ST800
Bottom plate of Heist - ST800

What you seeing at the top of this plate is a
Turnigy 3-in-1 Heli 5A UBEC & Low Voltage Alarm (3~6S) bought from HobbyKing , this thing is amazing ... those flashing lights are BRIGHT !

Note the Flasher on the Landing leg , Pointing backwards ...There is also a flasher on the board itself , but not sure I will see it since the Battery tray must still be placed ..

The Turnigy 3-in-1 Heli UBEC is a great choice for your favorite R/C helicopter. Providing 5A continuous (up to 7.5A max) output power to your electronics, an audible/visual low voltage alarm and an in-built LED power display, this UBEC is an all-in-one solution to your heli's power needs!

The on-board LEDs give you a power gauge indicating the charge condition of your input battery, while the removable super bright white LED can indicate when you have reached a low voltage condition.

Input Voltage: 3S/4S/6S lipoly (11.1V/14.8V/22.2V)
UBEC Output: 5V/6V 5A (7.5A max)
Low Voltage Alarm: 3.3V or 3.5V per cell
Dimensions: 60x26x13mm
Weight: 28g

The APM wil get it's power from here .Edit: 13/09/2013 grrr The Heli Bec output 5.38V , NO ! so now I must swap smaller Ubec (5.27V which is better for the Input on the APM ) to drive APM and the Heli one to drive ESC's ... oh I'm not done here yet , some sharp edges of the carbon there , wires need protection ...still thinking about the how  , for now leaning towards fuel piping ...will see .

The UBEC at the bottom is the Turnigy 5A one I bought from DenKit  (SITE SPONSER)


Hopefully this will work powering the ESC's Opto Part ... I hope , guess we will see soon enough ...

The white wires in case you wondering are the LED wires ... they will be wired up quite a bit later ..

Test fitting APM on ST800

Here's the APM and Receiver being test fitted to see where Wires must go ...

Things are moving ahead ... I'm not one of those build it in a Day types ... so yeah ...SLOWLY moving forward ...

RE HobbyLord - Impress  (Edit : 25/0922013 - not so anymore ! for a extra battery plate and hangers they want to charge me $63 dollars for shipping !! For items that can fit in a Envelope ! so ! beware the shipping cost from them ! Caveat emptor )

Quick Look and Size Comparision

posted 4 Sep 2013, 23:59 by Evert Bez

So I fixed three of my Wiring mistakes on the ESC but now need more Servo cable I assembled the Landing gear and did a dry fit of two of the propellers ..

Hubsan X4 vs ST800
Spot the HUBSAN X 4  ? , that give you a rough idea on size ...
Hubsan X4 vs ST800 Bumblebee
Hubsan on the 360Kv motor of the ST800 (HeiST)
HeiST Props 15x5.5
Pops Loosely fitted , not much space there between them ! 
ST800 Prop Close Up
Close up of prop fitted loosely , BTW Prop to Prop end is 903mm

Assembling Fuse and Arms of the ST800

posted 3 Sep 2013, 23:57 by Evert Bez   [ updated 25 Sep 2013, 01:32 ]

So last night I had too much energy and went crazy with the build ...
ST 800 Power Distrubition

All Soldered up , Also note two different red and black wires ..

Those are for UBEC 5V for APM and ESC's (I think) and the other one will be for a Step-Down Regulator 22.2V to 12V for the Gimbals motors.

Search Ebay for : DC/DC Buck Converter 4.5-35V to 1.25-30V 3A Low Ripple Step down Voltage Regulator or similar ...

Tested movement and the wires actually move very little , so all of this is should work fine.

Again the white wires are for the LED strips I plan on putting on the arms , the yellow and two thin blacks are for the ESC signal wire , still not sure if I would need the + and - wires also , hope not , cause she is more or less now assembled ... oh fun it would be to open up everything again ...sigh ..
MISTAKE !!! MISTAKE ..grrr  , I need the + and - to go to the Ubec 5V to power the Opto's ...dammit ! Open it ALL up again !

ST800 Top Plate

Top plate fitting on to the bottom , Notice Blue Silicone damping mounts , those are for the APM , the are a bit stiff , but more vibration efforts coming , Range Video vibration mount and some Ear Buds , this worked well on my 3DR quad HighUP

ST800 Assembled Top Plate

Just check the Size of the motors compared to the 3DR Quad HighUP's , the motor to motor length is 870mm
3DR Quad Vs ST800

ST800 Look at you

Oh , I just thought of a name ...and keeping with the High names ...

SHE WILL BE CALLED HighST  , as in heist

Web Definition .... To hold up ... But in my case , not too steal but to be High  UP !

RE HobbyLord - Impress  (Edit : 25/0922013 - not so anymore ! for a extra battery plate and hangers they want to charge me $63 dollars for shipping !! For items that can fit in a Envelope ! so ! beware the shipping cost from them ! Caveat emptor )

ST800 Arms and ESC's

posted 3 Sep 2013, 23:26 by Evert Bez   [ updated 4 Sep 2013, 00:45 ]

The nice pain job ! Soldering wires and connecting up the ESC's . btw , They are Opto ESC's , thus no BEC ...

The ESC's I got was these ones from MyRCMart RCX 40A-HV High Voltage (2-6S) OPTO ESC (G Series / Programed for Multicopter - SimonK Firmware) , since I have no way to tell if SimonK firmware is installed I must take their word for it , Shipping was quick enough so A+ to MyRCMart ...
rcx 40ahv high voltage 26s opto esc simonk firmware

Fortunately for me they come in Black heat Shrink , would had to redo them if the where in red.

I cut a small slot into the heat shrink to get to the Receiver wires and removed them. Re soldered a longer wire (Signal only) to run all the way through the arm carbon tubes ..mmmm now I wonder , would I actually need the + and - wires ... never worked with opto's before ...Will know soon enough when I must test motor direction.
MISTAKE !!! MISTAKE ..grrr  , I need the + and - to go to the Ubec 5V to power the Opto's ...dammit !

ST800 Arms BumbleBee

The White wire is for the LED's that I will put on later ... And how difficult is it to get 12AWG silicone wire to wound around each other ! I used some electrical tape to keep them in shape ...would have liked a tighter wound but that wont happen with this wire !

ST 800 BumbleBee Arms

Arm Assembled (x6)  , No LED wires in the two permanent (no Moveable) arms.
The ESC and Motor wires will be soldered up later , since I'm not using Bullet connectors I must do it right first time ...

Next Soldering them up with Power distribution board ...

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